The project

Teamsters Canada wanted to distribute an annual report to their 120 000 members throughout the country. The report was to have a distinct visual identity, reflecting the wind of change that was taking over the organization. Teamsters Canada was celebrating their 40 year anniversary, and the report needed to include some elements from their past. For the organization, this anniversary was a chance to review its history to better understand which direction to take in the future. The representatives wanted the report to reflect the unifying, dynamic and human elements of the union.

For this publication, Belvédère focused on a dynamic, colorful layout supported by colorful illustrations. Furthermore, to give an interactive user experience, multiple virtual reality calls-to-action were placed in the document. The union members could download the Layar application on their cellphone and scan certain magazine pages to get website links or see video content right from their phone. Additionally, Teamsters Canada wanted the web version of the report to be more than a simple downloadable PDF. To tackle this, Belvédère built a custom website that showcased the entirety of the annual report in an interactive manner. Users could easily read articles and navigate between sections in this fully responsive website.